June 30th 2019

Campbelltown Arts Centre


Class 1: Rare Camellia Collection Best exhibit of ‘rarer’ camellias (3 – 6 blooms, any size). Exhibits will be judged based on a Points Table (see below) to reward certain rare categories and points will be awarded for quality.

Blooms are to be named on own label with Camellia name & exhibitor number. They are to be presented in containers provided by exhibitor.

Bloom Category Points Table: Any Camellia 1; Australian Bred ‘Sasanqua’ 2 points;
C. j. ‘Aspasia Macarthur ’ or Sports 2 points; Pre-1900 cultivar (any) 2 points; Australian Raised Hybrid 2 points; E.G.Waterhouse-raised cultivar eg. ‘Polar Bear’, ‘Dainty Maiden’, ‘Lady Gowrie’, ‘Kurrajong’, ‘Betty Cuthbert’ (N.B. not C. X williamsii ‘E.G. Waterhouse’) 3 points; Japanese Cultivar 1 point; Japanese Higo Cultivar 1 point; Camellia Species 2 points; Yellow Camellia Species 2 points; Any Chinese Camellia 3 points.

Class 2: Theaceae Creative Display Best Innovative Display of up to 20 Individual Blooms and/or Sprays that Demonstrate the Diversity of the family Theaceae and genus Camellia. Exhibits can include heritage pre-1901 cultivars and other Theaceae such as Polyspora (syn. Gordonia). This is an opportunity for exhibitors to be creative. Points will be allocated to the display, as well as the camellias. Each exhibitor will be allocated their own space to display their blooms. Items such as cloth, artificial turf, sphagnum  moss, blocks for height or creative artefacts, may be used to provide staging and background in a three – dimensional way.

Class 3: Australian Heritage Oldest Australian developed Cultivar Exhibited. Flowers must be in fair condition without major blemishes.

Class 4: ‘Belle Epoche’ Award Best 19th Century Formal Double ‘Japonica’.

Class 5: Species Best Spray or Cut of any Camellia Species. Buds accepted, but at least one bloom required – Judges’ discretion.

Class 6: Rare Species or Hybrid (of species) Rarest spray or cut of any Camellia species or Hybrid (of species). Buds accepted, but at least one bloom required – Judges’ discretion.

Class 7: Far Eastern Treasures Best Japanese or Chinese Raised Camellia, including Hybrids. Excluding species.


PRIZES: Class 1: 1st place – $10 (Most points gained); Class 2: 1st place – $10; 2nd place – $5; Classes 3 -7: 1st place – $5 1st , 2nd and 3rd place certificates will be awarded in each class.


Members and Public welcome to exhibit